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Preliminary remarks on the publication of pictures 

The publication of pictures (including video recordings) of recognizable persons on the internet, websites, social media, written information and such like is considered as electronic processing of personal data. This applies regardless of whether the picture is accompanied by a text that identifies the person or not. Regulations concerning personal data protection and those governing personal data regulation must therefore be observed for such processing to be done legally.

According to the Danish data authorities, a distinction is drawn between "portrait pictures" and "scenarios". "Portrait pictures", where individual students are in focus, are subject to consent for publication; "Scenarios" from the school's daily life can be published without consultation. (Read more at 

Kolding Gymnasium, HF Course and IB School (henceforward referred to as KG) would like to obtain your consent to use images where you are depicted ("portrait pictures"). 

The purpose of using pictures in which you appear enables KG to show what activities take place at KG as well as illustrating everyday life at the school.

Declaration of consent  

I hereby authorize KG to use pictures in which I appear *:

- in the school's student magazine 

- in the "blue book" when I become a graduate

- on KG's website

- on KG's Facebook page

- on KG's Instagram page / profile 

- on KG's Snapchat

- on KG's Vimeo page 

- on KG's Flickr page

- on Youtube clips published by KG

 - in written material about KG


* This permission is given on the condition that neither my cpr.number, my name, nor any other personal information accompanies the pictures, and that the pictures will be used in a context that is not offensive for me as an individual.

If you wish to withdraw your consent statement at later, please contact the school's office. Withdrawal of consent may not, however, be applied retrospectively.

Y/N Consent

Even if you have answered no to giving consent to the above, situations may occur at school where you may risk being in focus in picture. It is usually clear when pictures are being taken at KG and therefore, as a student at KG, you share a responsibility to avoid such situations by either moving away or by making contact to the photographer.

Nevertheless, should a picture of you be published that you want the school to delete, please contact the school's management.

Okay - I understand the above.